Lalu Delbracio

In collaboration with dancer Typhaine Delaup, Lalu Delbracio creates an immersive paper installation that transforms and evolves throughout its duration.


Drawing on her interest in paper as the surface on which we distribute images and ideas, she explores simple bodily gestures to dig, poke and erode it, rejecting the surface as defined and consolidated, while re-claiming the body as a space for self-definition.

X develops Lalu’s ongoing interest in the possibility of reshaping histories and identities both in a personal and collective way. It could be the intersection of two worlds or the marking of a spot suggesting something will happen there.
Throughout the exhibition the performers invites the public to meet at this spot at given times where they will be present activating and processing the space unveiling through different gestures all what is made of.


18 – 20 May 2018
Peckham 24

In collaboration with Archipelago.

Project supported by Fedrigoni Paper.


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